[PyQt] BUG: Header files that do not exist in iOS (PATCH included)

David Morris othalan at othalan.net
Thu Dec 24 21:00:12 GMT 2015

I am attempting to add the Python "socket" module to my iOS application,
however compilation fails because of two missing header files:


Included from: socketmodule.h

Build Environment:

Xcode     : 7.1
Python    : 3.4.3
Qt        : 5.5.1
PyQt      : 5.5.1
pyqtdeploy: 1.1

Compile OS: OSX Yosemite (10.10.5)
Target    : ios-64  (iPad mini 4)
Target OS : 9.1

These header files do not exist in Xcode for the iphoneos platform (though
it does exist for OSX and the iPhone Simulator).  This can be verified with
the following command:

find /Applications/Xcode.app -name sys_domain.h -o -name kern_control.h

Examining source code for pyqtdeploy, I found the file
sets the #define which control these features for each platform.  Removing
"ios=1" for each header file seems fixes the problem.  See the attached
patch file.

I have tested this patch both against the version 1.1 branch and against
the latest code in the tip of the mercurial repository.

Can this patch please be included in the next release of pyqtdeploy?

Thank you,
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