[PyQt] Simple Window Problem

David Cortesi davecortesi at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 14:45:14 GMT 2015

> Entering the print statement you suggested just before the exit resulted
> in (0, 0, 1360, 768) the size of the screen. However if I also place the
> print statement immediately after self.setGeometry(50, 50, 200,100) the
> result of the print statement is (50,50,200,100). The result immediately
> after the self.show() statement is (0,0,1360,768)

Obviously something in the implementation of show() is causing the
mainwindow to fill the screen, comparable to clicking the maximize box on a
Windows or Ubuntu app.

Aha. And the word "maximize" -- search for that in the index of the Qt
Assistant. It leads to the docs for the QWidget class, windowState()
method. I think you will find that somehow, I have no idea why, your window
has been maximized. Probably a call to setWindowState() before? or after
show() will fix it.
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