[PyQt] Simple Window Problem

Felix Bearden felix-biz at felixlovesliz.com
Wed Mar 25 14:17:21 GMT 2015

I concur that something in show() or at most the version of Qt that I
have installed, I have decided to bite the bullet and rebuild Qt.
Nothing I tried seems to make a difference. The version I have installed
is 5.2 and the latest Qt source is at version 5.4.1.  Building on the Pi
B takes about 48 hours but at this point I had rather chance it. I
thought about doing a cross compile on my laptop ... but it takes a
substantial amount of time to do it there and the instructions I found
seem to have problems also.

So - see you in 48 hours. :-)

On 03/24/2015 10:45 AM, David Cortesi wrote:

Obviously something in the implementation of show() is causing the
mainwindow to fill the screen, comparable to clicking the maximize box
on a Windows or Ubuntu app.

Aha. And the word "maximize" -- search for that in the index of the Qt
Assistant. It leads to the docs for the QWidget class, windowState()
method. I think you will find that somehow, I have no idea why, your
window has been maximized. Probably a call to setWindowState() before?
or after show() will fix it.
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