[PyQt] sipconfig module not found

Declan Hegarty declan.hegarty at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 10:13:16 BST 2016


I've been looking into using SIP as a way to bind an existing C++ API to
Python.  I've installed using the PyQt5 binaries (OS is Windows 7), and in
that installation I can see sip.exe at the following location:


If I add that to my PATH environment variable and type sip -help in a
command prompt I can see the usage hints - so looks like the installation
is OK.

In trying to follow the SIP tutorial "A Simple C++ Example" in the
Riverbank reference guide, I hit an issue using the suggested configure.py
script which tries to import the module sipconfig.  I don't see
sipconfig.py anywhere in the installation directory.

I've seen reference to this issue in previous posts, and the following
reply from Phil Thompson:

>> The recommended solution is to use the configure.py from QScintilla (the
>> current snapshot is best) and read the comments. It's been designed to
>> be reused.

>> Phil

I've downloaded QScintilla and can see the configure.py script there,
but I'm lost as to how to deploy that in the context of the tutorial
example mentioned above.  Can anybody help?

Many thanks.
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