[PyQt] Learning Qt5 designer

michael h michaelkenth at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 01:13:40 GMT 2017

>   1.) Why does Designer tell me there are top-level spacers not in layouts
> when I save the file? I don't see any such spacers.
Looks like you have one on the contacts tab that isn't in a layout but
looks like it is. A spacer is useless outside of a layout.
A related problem I've noticed is that you aren't actually adding
everything to a layout. You have some layouts that don't have children (but
look like they're surrounding widgets).
Look in the Object Inspector tree for layouts without children (see video
where I remove a couple on the Contacts tab). You can see the difference in
resizing behavior when I get everything placed in layouts.

>   2.) How do I add column titles, specifically 'Date' and 'Action' to the
> table widget? I do not see anything in the property editor for this.
Double click on the table (see video).

>   3.) How can I expand the columns to fill the table widget box?
There's a setting to stretch the last header sections (see video),
otherwise you'll have to do it in code (like through
table.horizontalHeader().setSectionResizeMode() )
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