[PyQt] Loading PyQt5 Designer

Kyle Altendorf sda at fstab.net
Tue Jan 31 14:12:44 GMT 2017

On 2017-01-31 08:28, Florian Bruhin wrote:
> * dennisvanz <dennisvanz at bellsouth.net> [2017-01-31 13:20:55 +0000]:
>> I have python 3.6 64 bit installed.  I installed PyQt5-64 bit using 
>> pip3 using the Windows cmd window. 
>> I want QT DESIGNER - I understand it is the PyQt5 I downloaded.  If 
>> so, how do I get it in my Windows Start Menu so I can start/use it?
>> If it is not in there, how do I get it?
> Qt Designer isn't included in the PyQt5 wheel.
> Either install the unofficial pyqt5-tools wheel from here:
> https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pyqt5-tools/
> (not sure if that works with PyQt 5.7.1 though)

Don't use the PyPi file.  :[  My latest release (though not actually 
recent) is on GitHub and wouldn't fit on PyPi.


Also: https://github.com/altendky/pyqt5-tools/issues/4

I keep hoping to get a chance to improve this package but it's not 
fitting into the work schedule yet as it wouldn't see the use there that 
I initially expected.  I honestly don't recall how the PyQt Designer 
plugin 'links' to Python.  If you make custom plugins that can run in 
Python 3.5 then you could probably get by with just an extra Python3.5 
install to support the plugin (is even that required?).

For most stuff I'm guessing there's no issue using a 5.7.0 Designer to 
make .ui for 5.7.1.

> Or install a separate Qt installation from qt.io

This won't get you the PyQt Designer plugin, if you need that for using 
custom Python widgets in Designer.  Though, while getting started you 
certainly may well not need it.


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