[PyQt] pyqtdeploy and Python Standard library limitations

Ken Busse aksornsri1 at outlook.com
Wed Aug 1 14:40:06 BST 2018

Hello everyone,

Has anyone come across any support limitations of Python's Standard library with the usage of pyqtdeploy?
I am asking this due to the pyqtdeploy web page's, "pyqtdeploy works by taking the individual modules of a PyQt application, freezing them, and then placing them in a Qt resource file that is converted to C++ code by Qt's rcc tool. Python's standard library is handled in the same way."

I am beginning a project and this would be very helpful to know ahead of time. Should I just limit myself to what is available in the PyQt bindings or can I truly use everything available with the Standard library and it will be deployed across desktops and mobile platforms.

Can any other Python libraries/modules be used as well?

Any input would be much appreciated,


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