[PyQt] Issue with touch panel and QWebEngineView since upgrading PyQt5.8 -> 5.10

Brian Knudson brian.knudson at cxcsimulations.com
Tue Aug 14 18:43:52 BST 2018

Hello all,

I have an application that uses QWebEngineView to render its main UI. The
html page rendered by QWebEngineView relies on a lot of Javascript and CSS,
and has been working well for a year or so while using PyQt5.8.1.  I
recently moved to PyQt 5.10.1 and am now having problems when using a
consumer grade touch panel (Planar or Viewsonic or the like) to control the

In the UI, there is a '+' and a '-' on which the user can tap to change a
number.  With PyQt5.8.1, the user could tap as fast as they'd like.  With
5.10.1, if they tap too fast, they loose the ability to tap. Occasionally,
the number will continue to increment after the ability to tap is lost.

I can get the ability to tap back if I click the '+' or '-' with the
mouse.  I suspect doing so is giving the "mouse up" that seems to have
gotten lost with fast tapping.

Because I don't have both versions of Qt and PyQt installed on the same
machine, to test this, I compiled my app with PyInstaller on each machine,
then copied the executables around to several other machines (running both
Windows 7 and 10). On every machine, the one compiled with PyQt 5.10.1
showed the "lost ability to tap" issue, while the one compiled with Pyq

This issue is on Windows.  This app isn't cross platform, so I haven't
tested anywhere else.
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