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Adrian Murphy Adrian.Murphy at trustmarque.com
Tue Sep 25 10:30:49 BST 2018

Good morning, wonder if you could help me.
I work as Desktop Support for an outsourcing company.  We’ve been using Python 3.5, alongside PyQt 5.6 for the last few years.  They have decided to gradually move to Python 3.7, so I looked for an update to PyQt, perhaps 5.10 or 5.11
Ive tried to download the 5.11.2 zip file from your site, I get the download will start shortly, with a green 5 next to it, it doesn’t actually get anywhere.  When you click problem downloading and click the direct link, download the zip file and extract it locally.  It doesn’t seem to have any installers or exes in there.  I have tried the same for 5.10.
Ive also tried the Sourceforge site, get the same issues.  I did manage to find a .whl file in one of the downloads, but wasn’t sure how to convert this, if at all possible.
Any help greatly appreciated.


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