[PyQt] FW: Welcome to the "PyQt" mailing list

Kyle Altendorf sda at fstab.net
Tue Sep 25 12:14:06 BST 2018

On 2018-09-25 05:30, Adrian Murphy wrote:

> Ive tried to download the 5.11.2 zip file from your site, I get the 
> download will start shortly, with a green 5 next to it, it doesn't 
> actually get anywhere.  When you click problem downloading and click 
> the direct link, download the zip file and extract it locally.  It 
> doesn't seem to have any installers or exes in there.  I have tried the 
> same for 5.10.
> Ive also tried the Sourceforge site, get the same issues.  I did manage 
> to find a .whl file in one of the downloads, but wasn't sure how to 
> convert this, if at all possible.

PyQt switched from the binary installers to the current Python binary 
distribution system of wheels as of 5.6.


You use pip to install wheels.  I generally recommend working in a 
separate virtualenv or venv for each project and only really install 
packages in those.

   py -3.7 -m venv myvenv
   myvenv\scripts\pip install pyqt5
   myvenv\scripts\python myprogram.py

I also recommend installing your own code in the virtualenv/venv using 
pip, you'll need a setup.py for that.  Generally when you install code 
you are modifying you will use the -e option to pip such as 
`myvenv\scripts\pip install -e .` where `.` is referring to the current 
directory, or use whatever the path is to your project root (where the 
setup.py is).


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