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Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.com
Fri Sep 28 14:32:33 BST 2018

On 28 Sep 2018, at 2:24 pm, umbe1987 <umbertofilippo at tiscali.it> wrote:
> Phil Thompson-5 wrote
>> On 28 Sep 2018, at 1:34 pm, umbe1987 <
>> umbertofilippo@
>> > wrote:
>>> Sorry to insist, but no one answered so far.
>>> This is the link to the Qt WebView of Qt 5.11:
>>> https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtwebview-index.html.
>>> It reads "This is useful on mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, and
>>> WinRT; especially on iOS, where policy dictates that all web content is
>>> displayed using the operating system's web view.".
>>> Does it exist in PyQt as well?
>> No.
>>> If not, is there another way to add a WebView with PyQt5?
>> As far as I can remember Qt provides another way of doing it, but I can't
>> remember the details. A command line option or an environment variable. It
>> will be in the mailing list archives somewhere.
>> Phil
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> Thanks Phil for clarifying.
> You mean this (PyQt) mailing list or the Qt one? Is it a Qt or PyQt command
> (if you remember).

This mailing list, but the solution has nothing to do with PyQt.

> Anyway, I'll search for it.
> Meanwhile, is there anyone using a WebView with PyQt5 that can give me some
> suggestions?
> I am specifically talking about WebView, not WebEngineView which is not
> available for mobiles, nor the QWebView (without "t") which is deprecated.
> Will come back with my findings after some research.


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