[PyQt] PyQt5 on windows with Python 3.8.2

skruse131087 at gmx.de skruse131087 at gmx.de
Thu Apr 2 13:17:49 BST 2020

Dear all,
maybe it's known to the mailing list, but I did not find any information about this:

It seems that PyQt5 currently doesn't work with Python 3.8.2 on a win7 machine.

I installed Python 3.8.2 (64bit) and PyQt5 with pip install pyqt5.
A simple import (python >> import PyQt5.QtCore) produced the following error: 
python 3.8 pyQT ImportError: DLL load failed while importing QtCore:

As workaround I uninstalled python 3.8 and installed python 3.7. With python 3.7 everything works as expected.

Best regards

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