[PyQt] Installing pyqt5 with sip and qmake executables on ubuntu

michael h michaelkenth at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 01:15:25 BST 2020

> >
> > Is building qt/python/sip/pyqt5 the only way to install pyqt5 along with
> the sip and qmake exe’s so you can build extensions as well as run the
> project?
> >
I install sip5 from pypi and use that (it was fairly trivial to migrate
from sip4 for me, if you're still on that). However, the library i'm
wrapping is built using cmake (which builds against Qt from the official
installer) so I can't comment extensively on using qmake directly.

I wouldn't expect pyqt5 to ship with qmake (and seems like you'd need
headers and libs anyways). What are you using qmake for?
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