[PyQt] Help needed with OpenGL ES2

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.com
Tue Feb 4 12:32:27 GMT 2020

On 04/02/2020 11:30, Mark Burton wrote:
> Hello,
> Let me start by saying that I have almost no experience with Qt,
> Python, PyQt, Sip, etc. So apologies if this is a really dumb enquiry.
> I am attempting to build a version of the Cura 3d printing app using
> ES2 rather than desktop GL. I have built Qt specifying es2 and appear
> to have the correct modules. I have built PyQt using that Qt
> installation. Unfortunately, when I run the app, it fails with this
> diagnostic:
> AttributeError: module 'PyQt5._QOpenGLFunctions_ES2' has no attribute
> 'QOpenGLFunctions_ES2'
> On investigation, I see that the files in PytQt-5.13.2 directory
> sip/_QOpenGLFunctions_ES2 are quite small compared to the equivalent
> files in the other _QOpenGLFunctions directories.
> total 8
> -rw-r--r-- 1 markb markb 1944 Nov  2 18:54 _QOpenGLFunctions_ES2mod.sip
> -rw-r--r-- 1 markb markb 3348 Nov  2 18:54 qopenglfunctions_es2.sip
> It seems to me that there's something missing in the ES2 files and a
> google search shows that earlier versions of that file did indeed
> contain a lot more.
> Can anyone please shed any light on this?
> Why do those ES2 sip files not have any references to the methods that
> are defined in the corresponding QT files? (see
> ./qtbase/src/gui/opengl/qopenglfunctions_es2.h)

Hmm - the API calls are disabled for reasons that escape me. I have 
re-enabled them and they will be in tonight's PyQt5 snapshot.

Note that, quite obviously, nobody is using them.


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