pyqt5-tools wheels for Python 3.9

Kyle Altendorf sda at
Tue Nov 3 15:02:37 GMT 2020

Hi Detlev,

I understand if this debacle is enough to make you not want to depend on 
pyqt5-tools, but...  I did just push out pyqt5-tools v2 backed by two 
new packages: pyqt5-plugins and qt5-applications.  There are new 
(undocumented as of yet) APIs for getting the proper executable paths 
and environment dict creator functions if you want to subprocess 
yourself.  If you are still interested, let me know how this works out 
for you.


On 2020-10-17 10:39, Detlev Offenbach wrote:
> Hello Kyle,
> when will you provide pyqt5-tools wheels for Python 3.9? If that is
> because you ran out of space, I suggest to drop the Python 3.5 wheels
> as that version is EoL.
> Detlev

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