ANN: eric 21.12 released

Detlev Offenbach detlev at
Sat Dec 4 11:03:10 GMT 2021

Hello Pythonistas,

I just uploaded eric 21.12. This is the first release of eric7, which is 
the PyQt6 port of the eric IDE. It fixes some bugs discovered in eric6 
and adds these new features.

  * General
      o rearranged the interface and modernized the sidebars layout
      o integrated some dialogs into the sidebars 

  * Code Style Checker
      o updated pycodestyle to version 2.8.0 

  * Debugger
      o added code to remember the list of recently used breakpoint
        conditions in the editor and the breakpoint viewer
      o added code to enter the script to be run/debugged/... in the
        start dialog 

  * Editor
      o added the capability to suppress syntax highlighting by
        associating the file type 'Text'
      o added code to move a breakpoint to a line actually creating some
        byte code (Python only)
      o added mouse button capability to perform undo/redo actions
        (Extra Buttons 1 and 2)
      o added support for 'multi cursor editing' (additional cursors
        with Meta+Alt+Left Click, Esc to end it) 

  * Find In Files
      o integrated the dialog into the right sidebar 

  * Help Viewer
      o added an internal help viewer based on QTextBrowser or QWebEngine 

  * Jedi
      o integrated the Assistant Jedi plugin as a fixed part of eric
      o added code to jump to references when clicked on a definition
      o added support for mouse hover help
      o added support for simple refactorings to the editor context menu 

  * Plugin Repository
      o added an integrated plugin repository viewer (right side) 

  * Plugin Uninstall Dialog
      o added capability to uninstall several plugins with one
        invocation of the dialog 

  * Project
      o added a 'Start' context sub menu to the project sources browser 

  * Shell
      o added capability to save the contents of the shell window into a

  * Unit Test
      o added capability to remember the most recently used test data 

  * Viewmanager
      o added a 'Start' sub menu to the tabview and listspace view
        managers context menu

  * Virtual Environments
      o integrated the Virtual Environments Manager window into the
        right side bar
      o added a standalone variant of the Virtual Environments Manager

  * Third Party packages
      o upgraded coverage to 6.1.2
      o upgraded pycodestyle to version 2.8.0
      o upgraded mccabe to version 0.6.1
      o upgraded pyflakes to version 2.4.0

It is available via the eric web site or PyPI. 
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