Simulate QMenu hover on a QAction?

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Hello Maurizio,

I just rechecked, and yes, I'm not using a QAction, but a QWidgetAction on which I first set a default widget with setDefaultWidget,
which is a groupbox with a few labels with text/images, then add a menu with setMenu.
Could this be the issue? This is how it looks like:
Only when the item action with the arrow at the end is clicked, only then the sub-menu appears. Is it possible to make it appear when just  hovering over the QWidgetAction?


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I'm not sure I'm understanding your question.
If you add a QAction to a QMenu and that action has a menu set with setMenu(), it will behave exactly like adding a submenu, as it fundamentally does the same thing: menu.addMenu Qt actually adds the menuAction for that menu, so it's the same as doing addAction with an action that has a menu.

Il giorno lun 26 lug 2021 alle ore 09:39 Matic Kukovec <kukovecmatic at<mailto:kukovecmatic at>> ha scritto:
Hi guys,

I have a QMenu that has QActions with menus. This works great, but to show a QAction's menu,
it is needed to click on the action for it to appear.

Is it possible to make the QAction's menu appear on mouse hover, the same as for a sub-QMenu in a QMenu?


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