PyQt5 v5.15.4 and PyQt6 v6.0.3 Available for Testing

Phil Thompson phil at
Fri Mar 5 18:04:13 GMT 2021

The website now runs a PyPI server which will be used in the future to 
serve wheels of development snapshots and pre-releases of the next 
stable versions (prior to being uploaded to PyPI at 
Hopefully this will allow more people to test releases before they get 
committed to This was part of the motivation for breaking 
the Qt libraries out into separate wheels.

Instructions (ie. what flags to pass to pip) can be found here...

PyQt5 v5.15.4 and PyQt6 v6.0.3 both get around the problems with the 
previous releases that resulted in a broken installation after doing an 
upgrade (rather than a clean installation). However note that, after 
upgrading to these latest versions, you will have an unused Qt 
installation lying around. To remove it run...

pip uninstall PyQt5-Qt

...and similar for PyQtWebEngine etc.

Once I've had enough (positive) feedback I'll push the releases to


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