PyQt5 v5.15.4 and PyQt6 v6.0.3 Available for Testing

Eric Larson larson.eric.d at
Tue Mar 9 13:05:32 GMT 2021

Although this is probably a "no news is good news" situation, I thought I'd
add at least one explicit +1 that it PyQt5 5.15.4 worked for us
<> (tested on Ubuntu
Python 3.9 and Windows Python 3.8) using the instructions for pip.


On Fri, Mar 5, 2021 at 1:04 PM Phil Thompson <phil at>

> The website now runs a PyPI server which will be used in the future to
> serve wheels of development snapshots and pre-releases of the next
> stable versions (prior to being uploaded to PyPI at
> Hopefully this will allow more people to test releases before they get
> committed to This was part of the motivation for breaking
> the Qt libraries out into separate wheels.
> Instructions (ie. what flags to pass to pip) can be found here...
> PyQt5 v5.15.4 and PyQt6 v6.0.3 both get around the problems with the
> previous releases that resulted in a broken installation after doing an
> upgrade (rather than a clean installation). However note that, after
> upgrading to these latest versions, you will have an unused Qt
> installation lying around. To remove it run...
> pip uninstall PyQt5-Qt
> ...and similar for PyQtWebEngine etc.
> Once I've had enough (positive) feedback I'll push the releases to
> Phil
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