defining and calling QML functions directly from Python

Stefan Seefeld stefan at
Thu Sep 23 21:33:33 BST 2021

...and yet another follow-up:

as I mentioned, I'm interacting with the main application from an 
attached Python interpreter, which - of course - runs in its own thread, 
to let the main thread take care of the Qt event loop.

Looking at the PyQt5 code, I noticed that the implementation of the 
method call  (in the `pyqtMethodProxy_call()` function in 
`qpycore_pyqtmethodproxy.cpp`) calls `method.invoke()` without 
specifying a connection-type. This means the the `auto` connection-type 
will be chosen, which results in the `queued` connection-type to be 
chosen, given that I'm calling this from a secondary thread. And of 
course, that will fail...

Thus my question: what is the reason for the above to not explicitly 
specify the `direct` connection-type argument in the `invoke()` call, 
given that the `MethodProxy` Python type will always use this as direct 
call, and thus will fail when used from non-primary threads ?


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