Segmentation fault on importing from PyQt5 in Py3.10

Ben Greiner code-pyqt at
Sun Apr 17 20:36:40 BST 2022


Am 17.04.22 um 15:04 schrieb ullix:
> Thanks for the guidance.
> Upgrading Py3.10 is not easy for me, as I am on Ubuntu 16.04 and 
> support for Py3.10 seems to have been cut.

So why are you using an old Ubuntu but a Python 3.10? You should only 
run software, which still receives at least security updates. Running an 
old alpha version of Python 3.10 is likely to create more problems than 
just not being able to import PyQt5. As the Extended Security Release 
policy for Ubuntu 16.04 does not even cover Python 3.6, which would 
still be supported by PyQt5, you should really consider switching to a 
more modern distribution for your software stack.

> Sorry for the mailing list flaw; after deleting every text, I did not 
> expect that there is more "than meets the eye" :-/
> I tried gdb, but interpretation is beyond my paygrade. I am attaching 
> the gdb output as text file.

Where does /home/ullix/geigerlog/vgl310a/bin/python3 point to and why 
can't you update that from an alpha to a stable version release?

If you find out, that it comes from a Ubuntu PPA repository package, you 
might be able to install the debugging symbols for it [1]. That will 
replace the "in ?? ()" entries in the backtrace with more meaningful 
details. However, Chances are that you will fix the problems when you 
update from the 3.10.0a6 version to a stable release and won't need the 

> ullix

- Ben

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