Segmentation fault on importing from PyQt5 in Py3.10

ullix ullix at
Wed Apr 20 06:46:22 BST 2022

On 17.04.22 21:36, Ben Greiner wrote:
> So why are you using an old Ubuntu but a Python 3.10? You should only 
> run software, which still receives at least security updates. Running 
> an old alpha version of Python 3.10 is likely to create more problems 
> than just not being able to import PyQt5. As the Extended Security 
> Release policy for Ubuntu 16.04 does not even cover Python 3.6, which 
> would still be supported by PyQt5, you should really consider 
> switching to a more modern distribution for your software stack.
That is a consequence of poor quality of the recent Ubuntu makings. I 
started with a laptop and desktop both on the same Ubuntu16.04. 
Following the very logic that you layed out, I upgraded the laptop tp 
18.04. This basically ruined my installation completely that I saw an 
install from scratch of U20.04 as the only way forward .

This left me with a laptop, which was usuable, albeit only partially. 
The most recent flaw: Broken packages in Python3.10. Unusable there as well.

So, now I defend my old and trusty 16.04 on the desktop, while thinking 
of moving away from Ubuntu...

In the meantime I have managed to compile Python 3.10.4 on my old 
U16.04, and all is running well, including after updating to the latest 
of everything!

Thanks for nudging me into the direction of compiling myself ;-))


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