using pylupdate5 for PyQt6 application

Efrem Braun efrem.braun at
Tue Jan 25 15:07:00 GMT 2022


I recently updated my application from PyQt5 to PyQt6. I tried using
pylupdate6 to generate the translation files, and I saw that it has a
different command line usage than pylupdate5.

With pylupdate5, I'd simply type `pylupdate5`, and would
list all my source and translation files. With pylupdate6, I now have to
type `pylupdate6 --ts ja_JP.ts` plus about 15 other files.

I much prefer the pylupdate5 interface, and the .ts files seem to work just
fine in generating .qm files forh my PyQt5 application. Is there any reason
to use pylupdate6 for compatibility with my PyQt6 application? I suspect
not, since the .ts files look the same, but I figured it could be worth

Thank you.
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