Missing variant in QStyle.SubControl

Matthieu Dartiailh m.dartiailh at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 12:25:42 GMT 2022


It appears that a number of values are missing from the 
QStyle.SubControl enum. In PyQt 6.2, the following variants are available:
SC_All', 'SC_CustomBase', 'SC_None', 'SC_ScrollBarAddLine', 
'SC_ScrollBarAddPage', 'SC_ScrollBarFirst', 'SC_ScrollBarGroove', 
'SC_ScrollBarLast', 'SC_ScrollBarSlider', 'SC_ScrollBarSubLine', 
'SC_ScrollBarSubPage', 'SC_TitleBarLabel'
while the Qt documentation 
(https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qstyle.html#SubControl-enum), list many others 
in particular the SC_Slider* ones.

Could those missing variants be added ?



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