Can't install PyQt via pip because it ask about the license

c.buhtz at c.buhtz at
Wed Oct 5 06:16:06 BST 2022

I do "python3 -m pip install PyQt5 -vv" and got this.

  Querying qmake about your Qt installation...
  This is the GPL version of PyQt 5.15.7 (licensed under the GNU
  General Public License) for Python 3.8.10 on linux.

  Type 'L' to view the license.
  Type 'yes' to accept the terms of the license.
  Type 'no' to decline the terms of the license.

But because it is a "pip" it did not accept my input.

So what can I do to install PyQt5 via pip? It has to be pip, "apt-get"
isn't an option my situation no matter that Ubuntu offers a
"python3-pyqt5" package.

I am using pip 22.2.2 on Ubuntu 20 "focal" (pcc64le architecture).
Setuptools is uptodate (via install -U). qmake and libqt5gui5 are
installed from the Ubuntu repository via apt-get.

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