Can't install PyQt via pip because it ask about the license

c.buhtz at c.buhtz at
Wed Oct 5 12:54:05 BST 2022

On 2022-10-05 12:41 Phil Thompson <phil at> wrote:
> SIP v6.7.1.

Is there a bug tracker or release tracker I can monitor (subscribe for

> Actually it's more complicated than that - wait for the fixed SIP 
> release.

Sorry but no. I don't want to wait and I suspect I don't have.
Debian and Ubuntu do still over ppc64le architecture packages for
PyQt5. So someone was able to build that. Why can't I do that?

Now you may ask why I don't use that packages from Debian/Ubuntu. Here
comes TravisCI on the stage. Travis does use python interpreters in
virtenv where the packages installed via (apt-get) are "ignored".
Currently I use kind of a "hack" for that
But I would prefer to (build and) install PyQt5 via pip.

Maybe the other way via "--global-config" is a better solution?

> Run sip-install with the --verbose flag to see why it doesn't want to 
> build all the bindings.

There are a lot of errors like this

Checking to see if the QtWinExtras bindings can be built...
Info: creating stash file
Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: core gui winextras widgets

What does it mean?

btw: I would suspect that "ERROR" messages will popup also with a
verbose flag.

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