[Eric] how to store SVN password

Nickolaj Sjujsckij sterkrig at home.no
Sun Nov 8 22:13:24 GMT 2009

There's no requirement to be root to use Subversion.

Yep, DVCS are all that very well, feel free to write plugin for eric (-;E
I dug svn-plugin source, and it's not that hard, but quite an amount of  
work. Maybe some day I'll try to write hg-plugin

> Hi,
> It was interesting to read this thread as it concerns VCS (Version  
> Control
> System), including the requirement to be "root".  I used to use  
> "subversion"
> which is the only VCS currently integrated with Eric and remember that
> requirement.
> Recently I have switched to another open source versioning system,  
> because of
> its versatility and ease of use - Bazaar.  It happens to be DVCS  
> (Distributed
> Version Control System).  It is handy for both - "home" use with the  
> entire
> history kept on the local PC and for "external" repository applications.  
> In
> home use it does NOT require setting up of a repository, as the working  
> files
> and the record of versions can be kept in one and the same directory.
> "Bazaar", a tool for VCS, written mainly in Python and Qt, does not  
> require to
> switch to "root" for operation.  It is strictly cross-platform and is  
> tested
> with all main operating systems - MS Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS.
> External repository hosting is offered by "Launchpad". A sample  
> "homepage" on
> Launchpad can be seen in https://launchpad.net/bzr-explorer.
> An excellent cross-platform GUI, bzr-Explorer, written in Qt (the same  
> backbone as Eric), is available.  I do feel that it would be an  
> advantage to
> Eric to offer versioning Python programs with Bazaar.
> Various views of bzr-Explorer on several OS platforms, namely MS Windows,
> GNU/Linux Gnome or KDE, Mac Os X, can be inspected in
> http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/explorer/en/visual-tour-windows.html
> A well balanced review of the Bazaar versioning system is described in
> http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/migration/en/why-switch-to-bazaar.html
> I look forward to the addition of Bazaar to the already excellent Python
> programming IDE, Eric.
> OldAl.

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