[Eric] Is it a eric5-5.1.3 issue?

Algis Kabaila akabaila at pcug.org.au
Sat Jun 18 02:28:35 BST 2011

On Saturday 18 June 2011 02:30:12 Detlev Offenbach wrote:
> Hello Algis,
> this is the algorithm used by eric to determine, if the file loaded is a
> Python2 or a Python3 file.
> 1. If the first line is a she-bang line, Python3 scripts are detected by
> the presence of the string "python3". Lines containing "python2" or
> "python" are considered Python2 sources.
> 2. If the file does not contain such a line, the type is determined by the
> file extension. This can be configured via the config dialog, Python page.
> An alternative is to override the algorithm by placing a flag inside the a
> comment at the end of the file. For a Python2 file this would be
> # eflag: FileType = Python2
> or
> # eflag: FileType = Python3
> The error indication is given because eric tries to check the file loaded
> for correct syntax. Because eric5 is a Python3 application it has to start
> an external Python2 interpreter. That one should be configured an the page
> given below. Maybe eric should try harder to determine it by itself?
> Regards,
> Detlev


Thank you for this detailed information.  I feel confident that with the 
knowledge of this it will be easy to configure the data and eric so that the 
IDE will serve well in the translation of python2 scripts to python3.

Thank you again for the consistently good work in developing and maintaining 
eric, the best Python IDE around!

Kind regards,


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