[PyKDE] Problem with both parent() method and QListViewItem

David C. Morrill morrill at ix.netcom.com
Wed Mar 1 15:03:31 GMT 2000

Hello all:

I've been writing a Python program using PyKDE for the last month or so
(and luvin' every minute of it...thanks Phil). I was just wrapping up
some loose ends prior to releasing it to the world, when I decided to
upgrade one of my other systems to Linux Mandrake 7.0 (and download
Phil's latest PyQt and PyKDE RPMS) and try it out there. Guess what? It
doesn't work.

After slogging through the problem for a few hours, I have narrowed it
down to the following details:
- the foo.parent() method doesn't return the expected object in some
cases (e.g. if 'foo' is a QHBoxLayout instance).
- if I subclass QListViewItem and add an instance to a (subclass of)
QListView, I get a QListViewItem back instead of my subclass when an
event (like 'select') happens.
- the versions of PyQt, PyKDE, and Qt (from the Mandrake 7.0 distro)
were all newer than the
versions on my development system (running Mandrake 6.1, I think).

I tried uninstalling the Qt, PyQt, PyKDE RPMS and installing the
versions from my working system, but it didn't make any difference
(?!?). I then had the bright idea of looking for a PyKDE mailing list,
was pleasantly surprised to find a ref to one on Phil's web site. I was
even more excited to find that both problems I had run into had already
been reported by Gey-Hong Gweon and Boudewijn Rempt in the last week or
so. Unfortunately, there has been no reported fix yet :-(

UnlikeBoudewijn, I'm pretty much dead in the water as far as releasing
my code (I've already got my home LAN installed, and I'm not moving any
time soon :-). If anyone has any ideas, I'd be very glad to hear them.

Dave Morrill

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