[PyKDE] ANN: New eric3 snapshot

jul j.vienne at libertysurf.fr
Wed Aug 18 23:58:33 BST 2004

Hi Detlev,
Happy to see how fast evolves eric3!
I'm still working on French translation and there's a hope I finish 
soon: I'm about 2750 strings translated out of 3500 :)
The fact is my translation file may be a little older....
Is there a way to update it with the newest strings ?

Detlev Offenbach wrote:

>Hi Trolls,
>I would like you to know, that I have uploaded a new snapshot of eric3. 
>It features
>- a new window layout called "floating windows"
>- a QScintilla based Python shell (with syntax highlighting,
>  autocompletion, calltips,...)
>- an embedded API file generator
>This snapshot is available via
>This snapshot can be considered as the first beta release of the upcomig 
>version 3.5. Please give it a try and report all problems.
>A note to all eric3 translators: please adjust your translations to this 

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