[PyKDE] ANN: New eric3 snapshot

Douglas Soares de Andrade dsa at unilestemg.br
Fri Aug 20 21:00:37 BST 2004

Hi !

> How about wildcard filters?  The default could be *; but you could
> remove it and add other filters.

This is indeed a great idea. But, im thinking in a thing... Wouldn't more easy 
if you press a <key> on a selected variable and it goes to the debug window ?

I think that this will be more easy to mantain and more usefull.

> I agree this would be a great addition.  

Me too :)

> I've had a python app with 
> Numeric arrays with thousands of array entries.  Eric would 'hang' when
> it hit a breakpoint with these variables in scope.  

This is happening to me just now...

> I haven't had to 
> debug this app recently, but the ability to remove these from the list
> would have been a great improvement.

I make yours words mine. :)

See Ya !

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