[PyKDE] ANN: New eric3 snapshot

Michael Andrews mandrews at mandrews.org
Fri Aug 20 23:56:24 BST 2004

On Fri, 2004-08-20 at 11:01, Douglas Soares de Andrade wrote:
> Hi !
> > First of all, (nearly all) the data for the whole dictionary is
> > transfered via the network socket to the IDE. Secondly, these values are
> > added to the debug browser. This needs some CPU cycles. I just tested it
> > on my machine with a dictionary of 8000 integers and I recognized a
> > little delay but it was bearable. But this depends on the power of your
> > machine.
> My machine is a Athlon XP, with 256 MB, running slackware 10 and kde 3.3.
> > Not without redesigning this part. If we introduce watchvariables, you
> > could enter the variable names your interested in. Today, all data is
> > accessible. I am unsure, which one is the better way.
> I would like to select the variable i want to see the values. I dont have to 
> see the 8000 itens dict, only the others variables...

How about wildcard filters?  The default could be *; but you could
remove it and add other filters.  

I agree this would be a great addition.  I've had a python app with
Numeric arrays with thousands of array entries.  Eric would 'hang' when
it hit a breakpoint with these variables in scope.  I haven't had to
debug this app recently, but the ability to remove these from the list
would have been a great improvement.

Michael Andrews <mandrews at mandrews.org>

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