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Torsten Marek shlomme at gmx.net
Thu Feb 10 18:28:05 GMT 2005

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Hans-Peter Jansen schrieb:
| On Thursday 10 February 2005 17:34, Torsten Marek wrote:
|>Hello again,
|>I'm sorry for my silence, but I'm deeply into a lot of other stuff
|>right now (exams, getting an intership), there's not too much time
|>left. I definitely put the code online once it is in a good shape.
|>For now, I'd like to have some real-world examples of designer ui
|>files, because I'm getting tired of making them up myself;-)
|>I think I got the basic handling for widgets/layouts right, right
|>now I'm working on support for (more complex) widgets, connections
|>and default attributes. Also, I'll add a code output backend to use
|>it as a Python version of pyuic (if you still want to have it,
| While at it, pylupdate behaves pathologic in several ways to. I just
| haven't found a deterministic fashion of its breakage..
| At least, it doesn't like triple quotes, and whether it picks up
| self.__tr() strings or not is somwhat related to the phase of moon.

Well, what isn't? I only write software when the moon is increasing.
Additionally, I often sacrifice some non-Python code to the great /dev/null.

| So the long term solution would be python based pyuic and pylupdate
| implementations. Finished with that, we should tackle our own
| designer implementation. If done in a modular fashion, I can imagine
| designer based extension modules, where database frontends are able
| to offer its users a way to design the data masks, reports, and the
| like..
| Cheers,
| Pete

I'm no expert on this, but if we get a parse tree of a Python file (is this
possible from within Python?), we could just walk the tree and put the argument
to every __tr (or whatever else) call into the message file.

As for the designer replacement: Do you plan world domination before or after
2010? I'd rather wait for the new designer in Qt4 first (they ditched that
horrible MDI interface! finally!).



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