[PyKDE] eric3 development question

Eric Jardim ericjardim at gmail.com
Sun Feb 13 01:08:50 GMT 2005


I want to know some things about eric3 development:
   1 - Who is behind the eric3 development? Can ordinary people (like
me) participate on its development?
   2 - If yes, where can I find more information and docs, access to
CVS repositories and else more?
   3 - As Qt4 is coming, does another version of eric3 (eric4?) would
be released? Would it be written under PyQt4?
   4 - Are you prepared for that change? Is somebody evaluating Qt4?
   5 - What kind of help do you need (if needed)? Analysis,
developers, docs, tutorials, translations, prospection, publicity,

Well, I deduce you understood my intentions on helping the project.

thanks in advance,

[Eric Jardim]

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