[PyKDE] Python shell autocompletion

jul j.vienne at libertysurf.fr
Mon Feb 21 22:56:24 GMT 2005

>Both of these work ok over here.
ok. My remark was concerning the Tab-key completion. 
I've just looked a bit further and  you're right, there is no really 
bug. Many of the propositions are given twice (sometimes more),  but not 
all of them, so this not a real bug. Netherthless, it may be cleaner to 
pass a "unique" filter over the list before display...

>>ps: I can't make the exception filter work for debug. For
>>example, I've tried to add 'KeyError' in the exception
>>filter list (I'd like these errors to be skipped), but the
>>debugger still stopping on that kind of exception. May you
>>give me an example ? Thanks.
>It works the way the "What's this" help says. If you enter something in here, 
>only those exceptions will be shown.
Ooops...I've been understood exactly the opposite.
Just let me a little time for learning reading my own translations! 
Thanks :)

> Should this be reversed?
Yes!! as an option,  just for me please !!
with an autograph and dedicated picture :))

Best regards,
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