[PyKDE] PyKDE on Gentoo

mbouchar mbouchar at bioinfo.ulaval.ca
Tue Jul 19 14:39:08 BST 2005

I have dev-python/sip-4.1.1, dev-python-PyQt-3.13 and a snapshot of 
pykde, because pykde refused to compile with kdelibs-3.4.0.

Normally, pykde 3.11.3 works with kde 3.4, sip 4.1.1 and pyqt 3.13, but 
the ebuild for pykde is incorrect, because it depends on kdelibs <= 3.3.4.

You have some choices :
1 - manually install a snapshot
2 - change the ebuild to install pykde 3.11.3
3 - force the installation with --nodeps

Aurel (DustyDingo) W. wrote:

>Hi, I am new to all this PyQt/KDE stuff and currently developing a
>little application using PyQt.
>Now i also want to use some KDE features, but i have problems with the
>python bindings for the libs on Gentoo. There is a package called
>"pykde" in the portage tree, but that doesn't work with kdelibs
>versions >= 3.3.1. There is also no suitable package in the
>Whats alls about this this? I heard, that the PyQt and PyKDE bindings
>are now maintained in the KDE-Project, so there should be some
>packages like "kde-base/PyQt" and "kde-base/PyKDE", but there is still
>this old one "dev-python/pykde"?
>So is there a way to get PyKDE running on Gentoo? I tried to compile a
>cvs snapshot of PyKDE from
>http://www.river-bank.demon.co.uk/download/snapshots/PyKDE/ (worked
>fine first, but i get bad memory acces errors, when running
>applications), but I don't know if this are the "old" kdebindings or
>the new one maintained by the kde-project?
>Can anyone give me more information on this issues, because it's a bit
>confusing, what are now the "real" bidnings.
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