[PyQt] Introducing PyDingo

Michał Andrzej Woźniak mikiwoz at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Dec 1 21:50:50 GMT 2008

Dnia poniedziałek 01 grudzień 2008, piotr maliński napisał(a):
> In theory there can be more than one widget-handler for the same thing
> (default QScintilla editor could be overriden with for example Kate
> KPart if someone uses KDE). So using all those KParts would be cool,
> but if I would use them as required dependency - I get KDE related app
> (and I want it to be more flexible).
Ah, sorry, mentioning Konqueror and Dolphin - and the whole app being 
Qt-based - made me think you were going to write primarily KDE-targeted 
an app (so the deps wouldn't be a problem).
It would be a cool thing to be able to use KParts should one want to/like 
to. Anyway, just an idea for version 1.x. ;)

> Will PyDingo widgets-handlers be KParts - on this stage no. One thing
> is how to make a KPart in PyQt4/PyKDE4, second - my "widget-handlers"
> are ~ nearly independent apps, except for the navigation menu, which
> is connected with run.py - so exact KPart from this wouldn't work, but
> the widget backed will be easy to reuse and make KPart if needed :)
Great! If there will be a possibility to "package" the widgets as KParts, 
it would contribute a lot to the overall KDE flexibility (one could use 
your editor widget as an alternative KPart in Konqueror or KWrite, and 
the "stats://" widget in Konqueror and Dolphin).

Had I only the time, I would brobably dive into KParting those widgets 
myself... eh.


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