[PyQt] Problem with QFileSystemWatcher

Hans Meine meine at informatik.uni-hamburg.de
Fri Dec 10 09:48:17 GMT 2010

Am Freitag 10 Dezember 2010, 10:36:22 schrieb NARCISO, Rui:
> In fact I had already tried that syntax without any success.
> Further tests showed that in fact I am able to "watch" a file if it's in
> the same folder as my application, ie, if the path that I add to the
> watcher is just the name of the file with no other folder/levels.
> As soon as I try to watch a file elsewhere, it simply does nothing ...
> Why would this happen ?

Are you always using absolute paths?

What kind of permissions do you have on the target?  (Naively, I would have 
thought that this does not matter, but maybe it does nevertheless..)


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