[PyQt] Fresh Installation on Windows leads to confusing Error

Yafes Sahin yafes7 at yahoo.de
Thu Sep 11 13:33:37 BST 2014


i was attempting to install: 


Eventhough i don't have installed PyQt4 i get the error message
"A copy of PyQt4 for Python v3.4 is already installed in C:\Python34 and must be uninstalled first"

As there is even no folder "C:\Python34" this message is totally confusing. 

What i tried: 

1) I've installed Python 3.4, tried to install then the exe, but the same error

2) Deleted python 2.7

3) Deleted all environment variables referencing to python or pyqt

So what else can i do?

By the way i am  using as well QT C++. 

The error message is completely miss-leading and non-informative!

Would be nice, if someone could give me a hint.


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