PyQt v6.3.1 Released

17 June 2022

PyQt v6.3.1 has been released. This is a significant functional release. PyQt6-Charts v6.3.1, PyQt6-DataVisualization v6.3.1 and PyQt6-WebEngine v6.3.1 have also been released.

  • Added qRegisterResourceData() and qUnregisterResourceData() to QtCore to help in supporting legacy resource files from PyQt5.
  • Requires v13.4 of the sip module which adds support for enums with missing members and the sip.array support.
  • Reverted the Qt.GestureType related changes made in v6.2.3 as they are no longer necessary with the support for missing enum members.
  • The QEvent constructor that takes an int argument is now deprecated.
  • Refactored the draw methods of QPainter to accept sip.array objects of appropriate types. Such arrays, once initialised, can be used very efficiently as they do not require repeated conversion from the usual Python collection types.
  • Added resize() to QPolygon, QPolygonF and QXmlStreamAttributes.