PyQt4 Download

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Before you can build PyQt4 you must have already built and installed SIP

Source Packages

This is the latest stable version of PyQt4. Older versions can be found here.

PyQt-x11-gpl-4.11.4.tar.gz Linux source Windows source
PyQt-mac-gpl-4.11.4.tar.gz OS X source

The change log for the current release is here.

Binary Packages

These binary installers for Windows contain everything needed for PyQt4 development except for Python itself.

Unfortunately it is not possible to use both the PyQt4 and PyQt5 installers at the same time. If you wish to have both PyQt4 and PyQt5 installed at the same time you will need to build them yourself from the source packages.

  • PyQt4
  • Qt (with database support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3 and ODBC)
  • Qt Designer
  • Qt Linguist
  • Qt Assistant
  • pyuic4
  • pylupdate4
  • lrelease
  • pyrcc4
  • QScintilla

Note that the Qt documentation is not included.

PyQt4-4.11.4-gpl-Py3.4-Qt4.8.7-x64.exe Windows 64-bit installer
PyQt4-4.11.4-gpl-Py3.4-Qt4.8.7-x32.exe Windows 32-bit installer
PyQt4-4.11.4-gpl-Py3.4-Qt5.5.0-x64.exe Windows 64-bit installer
PyQt4-4.11.4-gpl-Py3.4-Qt5.5.0-x32.exe Windows 32-bit installer
PyQt4-4.11.4-gpl-Py2.7-Qt4.8.7-x64.exe Windows 64-bit installer
PyQt4-4.11.4-gpl-Py2.7-Qt4.8.7-x32.exe Windows 32-bit installer

Development Snapshots

These are snapshots of the next release of PyQt4 including all bug fixes.

PyQt4_gpl_x11-4.12.dev1612041213.tar.gz Linux source Windows source
PyQt4_gpl_mac-4.12.dev1612041213.tar.gz OS X source

The change log for the latest development snapshot is here.