SIP v6.1.0 Released

11 May 2021

SIP v6.1.0 has been released. This is a feature release.

  • Added support for the noexcept specifier. This has the same effect as a throw specifier that has no arguments.
  • throw specifiers in .sip files are now ignored when using ABI v13.1 or later and v12.9 or later.
  • Added the scripts-dir project option for specifying the directory where scripts are installed. There is a corresponding --scripts-dir command line option to sip-build and sip-install.
  • The build tools (sip-build, sip-install, sip-sdist and sip-wheel) may now be invoked using the -m command line option of the Python interpreter.
  • If C++ exceptions are used then a C++11 compiler is required.
  • The latest version of ABI v13 is v13.1.0.
  • The latest version of ABI v12 is v12.9.0.