pyqtdeploy v3.2.0 Released

19th April 2022

pyqtdeploy v3.2.0 has been released. This adds support for all current versions of Python and removed support for Python v3.5 and v3.6. It is now possible to describe simple PyPI projects in the sysroot specification file rather than have to write a component plugin.

  • The version number of a component may be determined dynamically (if the component plugin supports it) rather than being specified in the sysroot specification file.
  • A component plugin can now be used to create multiple, similar components.
  • Added the wheel plugin for specifying pure-Python components in the sysroot .toml file rather than writing a component plugin in Python.
  • Added the libffi component required to support ctypes on Python v3.8 and later.
  • Added Component.unpack_wheel().
  • Added support for PyQtNetworkAuth as an add-on package.
  • Added support for Python v3.10.4 and earlier.
  • Added support for Python v3.9.12 and earlier.
  • Added support for Python v3.8.13 and earlier.
  • Added support for Python v3.7.13 and earlier.
  • Removed support for Python v3.5.
  • Removed support for Python v3.6.
  • Removed support for SIP v4.
  • Removed support for PyQt and related project versions prior to v5.14.